Commercial and Municipality Snow Removal

Des Moines Professional Snow Removal with Xtreme Dirt Inc has over 20 years of combined experience in the Des Moines surrounding Area. We have the equipment to fit every company's needs. From the small apartment buildings to a large distribution hub, we have solutions starting with zero tolerance programs to customized solutions that fit every customer's needs. With our up-to-date meteorologist reports, we predict and manage our snow removal operations. To maintain the safest possible environment for our customers.

Des Moines Professional Snow Removal with Xtreme Dirt Inc is your full service, commercial snow removal contractor. Parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks need cleared of snow and ice throughout the winter. Whether you have a small parking lot or acres of parking lot, Des Moines Professional Snow Removal with Xtreme Dirt Inc can provide you with snow removal and ice control. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done. Plan for a safe winter with the help of Des Moines Professional Snow Removal with Xtreme Dirt Inc. Schedule a consultation to reserve your spot today.

Snow Removal Services

  • Equipment

    • Pick-Up Trucks

    • Dump Trucks

    • End Loaders

    • Skid Steers

    • De-Icing Equipment

    • Sidewalk Crews

    • Snow Relocation Services

Commercial Services

Des Moines Xtreme Dirt performs all site work for commercial projects including:

  • Total Site Management

  • Site Clearing and Grubbing

  • Site Grading

  • Sanitary Sewer

  • Storm Sewer

  • Water Main Construction

  • Site Footing Excavation

  • Site Backfill

Commercial and Municipal Services

Types of Grading Services

  • Commercial Grading Services

  • Drive Way Grading

  • Grading for Road Construction

  • Grading for Parking Lots

  • Installation of Erosion Control Measures

  • Precision Grading

  • Residential Grading Services

  • Rough Grading

  • Site Sloping for Drainage

  • Soil, Sand, and Aggregate Spreading

  • Soil Compaction for Foundations

Types of Land Clearing Services

  • Brush Clearing

  • Brush Removal

  • Clearing for Right of Ways/Utilities

  • Clearing for Road Construction

  • Clearing Operations for Natural Disasters

  • Dirt Excavation and Removal Services

  • Erosion Control Measures

  • Residential Land Clearing

  • Tree Removal Services

  • Stump Excavation

  • Stump Removal Services


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