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Xtreme Dirt Demolition and Wrecking Services


Des Moines Professional Dirt Excavating with Xtreme Dirt Inc. has many years of combined experience, providing a variety of hauling services from delivery to removal. Des Moines Xtreme Dirt offers several trucks for all hauling purposes, from semis to four-wheelers. All products offered by Des Moines Xtreme Dirt can be delivered right to the job site, whether commercial, municipality or residential. Xtreme Dirt also offers removal services ranging from removing dirt and asphalt to debris and broken concrete.


If you need it removed, Des Moines Xtreme Dirt is the solution for you.

Types of Hauling Services


  • Asphalt and Concrete Removal Services

  • Commercial Hauling Services

  • Demolition Debris Removal Services

  • Dirt, Sand, Soil, Mulch Hauling Services

  • Emergency Services for Natural Disasters

  • Gravel Delivery and Spreading Services

  • Junk/Refuse Removal and Recycling Services

  • Landscape Materials Transport

  • Residential Hauling Services

  • Rock Removal and Hauling

  • Stump Removal and Hauling

  • Tree and Brush Removal Services

Hauling Services

  • Delivery of all products

    • Topsoil

    • Mulch

    • Stone

    • Landscaping Materials

  • Removal

    • Dirt

    • Broken Concrete

    • Asphalt

    • Debris

Dirt & Top Soil Services

Des Moines Xtreme Dirt has its own dirt fields which supply the topsoil, so every time you call Xtreme Dirt for topsoil needs you will receive the absolute best quality and prices because you are purchasing direct from the supplier. Xtreme Dirt also offers delivery on all of its products right to your door or project site.

We offer Topsoil and Mulch by the yard, from our dirt field right here in DeSoto, IA. 

Please call Des Moines Xtreme Dirt to get the location and hours of our dirt field!

Topsoil We Carry

  • Pulverized Topsoil

  • Garden Mix

  • Bulk Topsoil

  • Compactable Fill/Clay

Xtreme Dirt can help you haul and remove concrete, dirt, asphalt, sand and gravel. Xtreme Dirt can take care of your problem - we have the experience, professionals and all the equipment necessary to haul heavy material, we also have trucking equipment necessary to move, haul or remove material and tools such as excavators and bobcats.

Xtreme Dirt will provide dirt hauling, dirt removal, sand hauling, asphalt hauling, concrete hauling whether you need to remove a few yards or thousands of yards. Xtreme Dirt can complete all jobs whether big or small.

Xtreme Dirt can help you if you have construction work and you then need to haul all the heavy material, also if you need bobcat services. We are a fully licensed company. We assure you we are the best in Des Moines, Iowa to help you in any type of hauling with our great trucking system.

Xtreme Dirt has established a reputation for being the most efficient company in hauling or removing dirt, concrete, asphalt, sand and concrete. Our top priority is to have satisfied customers and we will give you excellent value for an excellent price. We have many years of experience in hauling or removing dirt. Most jobs can be completed within 2 hours and we provide same day service.

Mulch Services

Every time you call Xtreme Dirt for mulch needs you're getting the absolute best quality and prices because you are purchasing direct from the supplier. Xtreme Dirt offers only the best mulch in many varieties, so that you have the best quality mulch for whatever project you may be working on. Xtreme Dirt also offers delivery on all of their products right to your door or project site. With #1 best premium hardwood mulch, Xtreme Dirt's selection of mulch is the best around! Let Xtreme Dirt handle the hard part while you focus on the important parts of the project.

We offer Topsoil and Mulch by the yard. Call for our Hours of Operation.

About Our Mulch
  • Why Mulch?

    • Keeps Soil Moist and Soft

    • Smothers Most Weeds

    • Shades Soil, Reducing Heat Stress

    • Regulates Soil Temperature

    • Helps Prevent Plants from Heaving Out of Soil

    • Reduces Erosion

    • Keeps Fruits/Vegetables Clean

    • Minimizes Stress for New Transplants

    • Ease of Application

  • The Best Mulch

    • Availability

    • Organic Mulch Will Decompose

    • Appearance: Pick a mulch that won't have your neighbors whispering behind your back

    • Fine (premium) rots faster, while coarser mulches tend to hang around longer and need less maintenance

    • Other Dyed Mulches may not be the correct color and fade quickly to ugly colors

    • Some cheap pallet mulches are not heavy enough and blow around in the wind, our mulch has Staying Power!

  • Mulch or Compost?

In wet soil and humid climates, organic mulches can promote diseases and increase the chance of rot. If spread too thickly, mulch can interfere with the soil's air circulation. Inorganic mulches such as landscape fabric are good to keep weeds down, but first, you should spread 1-2" of compost over the soil. Once the landscape fabric is in place, it is hard to replenish soil organic matter. Spread mulch evenly at least 4" for new beds and existing beds 2-4" deep and 1-2" away from plants.

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