Des Moines Professional Dirt Excavating: Xtreme Dirt is experienced with excavation of both commercial, municipality and residential buildings in a full range of sizes and complexity. We specialize in challenging jobs, attached and/or adjoined buildings, and/or short project timelines.


Before performing any excavation within the City of Des Moines limits, we call Iowa One-Call System, which is a twenty-four hour service network system established to prevent contractors from hitting any existing utility lines when digging. This system notifies all utilities of impending excavations. We call the Iowa One-Call System when digging in the State of Iowa, but outside the city limits of Des Moines.


We own a full range of trucks which allows us to haul away excavated material in the most cost effective and timely manner. All necessary transportation permits are obtained and displayed.

Des Moines Xtreme Dirt maintains ongoing relationships with major landfills, transfer stations, and scrap yards for legal and prompt disposal and recycling of all excavated materials.

Excavating Services

  • Equipment

    • Excavators of All Sizes

    • Bobcat Services

    • Mini Excavation

    • Doosan Excavation

    • Combination Backhoes

    • Skid Steers

    • Bulldozers

    • Crawler Loaders

    • Compaction Equipment

    • Large Variety of Attachments


  • Full Contractor Service Available

    • Plumbing

    • Electrical

    • General

  • Sewer and Water

  • Demolition

  • Grading

  • Foundations

  • Basements

  • Drainage

Landscaping Products

Alongside our Mulch and Topsoil, Xtreme Dirt also offers stone, sand, and many other landscaping materials. Whether it's river rocks, gravel, sand, or anything else you can think of, Xtreme Dirt offers the best in quality.

We offer Topsoil and Mulch by the yard, and Sand and Stone by the ton. One yard of sand/stone weighs 1.5 tons.


Whether you need your site prepared, graded, or trenching performed, Des Moines Xtreme Dirt has the equipment and professional team members to provide you with quality results and get your site prepared quickly. Our crew is experienced and we keep regularly maintained equipment to ensure your job is performed to your specifications so your project can move forward as quickly as possible.

Excavation Work

Excavation work can involve preparing a site for construction, digging trenches, providing residential and commercial foundations and anything from cellars to highways. Excavation work takes a good amount of initial planning to ensure the job site and workers are safe and the project is performed according to OSHA guidelines. Following these guidelines ensures everyone is protected and the job is performed with quality results.

Trench Excavation

Trench excavation is among one of the most hazardous construction operations that can be performed. You can rest assured that Xtreme Dirt has the knowledge, experience, equipment and certifications to ensure your trench excavation is performed safely and efficiently. We provide safe access and protective systems to ensure the safety of all workers involved. We consider many factors when conducting trench excavations such as: soil classification, depth of cut, the water content of the soil, changes due to weather, and other operations in the vicinity. We conduct routine inspections to ensure the trench site is save for continued work.

Basement Excavation

Basement excavations can be unique due to the difficultly involved with obtaining access below an existing structure. Xtreme Dirt can handle any size basement project. Our basement excavation services include the coordination of shoring, demolition of the existing floor and foundation, as well as the excavation. Our team has experience in determining the drainage requirements, performing sewer relocation, as well as installing the new concrete foundation.

Soil Excavation

Soil excavation can be required for many projects. Whether you need to install a new foundation or prepare a site for construction, Xtreme Dirt has the equipment and experienced crew to perform your soil excavation quickly, safely and efficiently. We will transport and dispose of any contaminated soil and relocate clean soil to your preferred location.


Land Excavation

Xtreme Dirt performs land excavation for general land clearing as well as site preparation. Whether you need  pad base preparation, foundation work, septic systems installed, underground utilities, structural excavation and backfill, driveway and road installation, or rock excavation, Xtreme Dirt has the certifications, knowledgeable team, and professional equipment to quickly and effectively perform your land excavation.

Types of our excavating services

  • Basement Excavation

  • Site Preparation and Land Clearing

  • Demolitions – Houses, Buildings

  • Weeping Tile Excavation

  • Plumbing & Sewer Backups

  • Digging Services for Ponds

  • Swimming Pool & Pond Removal

  • Trenching and Backfilling

  • Asphalt Breaking

  • Concrete Breaking and Removal

  • Compaction and Drainage

  • Emergency Site Work

  • Environmental Cleanup Services

  • Excavation for Pools

  • Excavation Services for Subdivisions

  • Sub Grade and Slab on Grade Prep

  • Excavating for Utilities

  • Site Services – Water, Storm, Sewer

  • Residential and Commercial Excavating

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Stream Restoration Services

  • Stump Excavation and Tree Removal

  • Storm Drainage Installation/Repair

  • Retaining Walls (Rock and Lock Blocks)

  • Landscaping, Grading

  • Retaining Walls (Rock and Lock Blocks)

  • Yard & Property Maintenance